IT and Telecoms

Digital Telephones

Digital TelephonesOur serviced offices feature some of the latest technology. Each workstation in Capital Business Centre is equipped with a high spec digital telephone. Our  in-house team can talk you through all the functions of these personalised handsets, including DDI numbers, company and individual voicemails, speed dialing and call forwarding.

High Speed Broadband

All our clients have access to our continuously developing range of Broadband Internet Packages.  We offer Fibre internet connections with guaranteed dedicated bandwidth and speeds which can burst up to the full bandwidth of the building when not in use (currently 1Gb).  There is no lengthy contract to sign up to, you will have unlimited uploads and downloads, a Service Level Agreement with 24/7 support as well as a backup/failover line. We can also offer you your own company VLAN, DHCP providing automatic addressing and static IP addresses/port forwarding, should you require these. Should you require additional support with setting up your connection or the network within your office the our helpful team will be happy to assist you with this.
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